Essay on problems of dhaka city

Another reason is utterly unplanned footbridges that the pedestrians do not feel encouraged to use. During all governments in the recent years, it has been a public demand that government should take steps to ease Dhaka traffic congestion.

But it is a common scenario in Dhaka that to reach from Northern part to the main business district during rush hours one needs more than 2 hours at least. We cannot provide goods and material with in due time.

It is expected to reach a staggering population of 25 million by growing at a fast rate of 4.

Why Dhaka Is a Primate City

This figure is quite insufficient to manage the existing traffic scenario. The students also face problems to attend their class times. Who is responsible for this? The effects of water pollution are far-reaching and affect not only the environment, but human beings and animals as well.

Dhaka is facing one of the major problems that is already being faced by other big cities in the world, more vehicle than the amount of the roads. Prof Jubayer-bin-Alam of Civil Engineering Department of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Buet in a study on Sustainable Transport for Urban Poor found 12 of 20 lakh garment workers go to work on foot in the central part of the city.

A further extension of the survey is currently being completed to cover the very poor and the rich categories of residents as was recommended by several participants at the workshop mentioned earlier. Besides this, public transport system in Dhaka city is not adequate and properly-routed.

The district truck and bus travel through heart of the capital city due to no bypass road.

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Again, these roads are also not well constructed and regularly repaired. When the airport was shifted from the main city to the present location, people thought it was needless. Harsh punishment must be imposed on those law enforcing members who does not carry out their duty.

Instead of big and spacious buses, presence of large number of mini-buses and private vehicles can only contribute to carry few passengers, but not to reduction of traffic congestion. Essay on martin luther king jr philosophy hope, dance your dissertation ted illustration essay help, le libraire dissertation meaning helping poor countries essay natrative essay essay on the federalist party symbol evolution of mass media essay power of words essay essay writing help me find macbeth essay intro george washington university public health admissions essays elisabeth huemer dissertation abstract.

Pollution in Dhaka City Paper

A traffic jam at the toll plaza located at Shahjahanpur village of Alwar district that lasted for almost an hour proved fatal for a year-old man who was on his way to Jaipur following a heart attack. Kapitalbedarfsrechnung beispiel essay Kapitalbedarfsrechnung beispiel essay university of exeter english admissions essay.

We have introduced one way vehicle movement strategy in different areas. The types of pollution focused in this assignment are mainly air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. According to Accident Research Institute at Buet, deaths occur on the streets of Dhaka every year, and 75 percent are pedestrians.

Dhaka city Traffic Jam

So, many problems created by its huge population. The main problems identified for the traffic jams are: We have introduced one way vehicle movement strategy in different areas.

Moreover, if we look at the map of Dhaka city, the road connection of north and south is comparatively better than east and west which is causing people to take a longer route to travel. Instead of big and spacious buses, presence of large number of mini-buses and private vehicles can only contribute to carry few passengers, but not to reduction of traffic congestion.

The following remedial measures can be adopted for eliminating the traffic jam: During the rule of BNP government a circular river way was made. Many roads of Dhaka city are not spacious according to the necessity. We have already made most of the important roads free from non-mechanical vehicles especially rickshaw.

Every day thousand of people are entering the city as our economic activity and administration like education, health sector are all Dhaka centered.The questions asked focused mainly on three issues: (a) the nature of the problem as perceived by the surveyed residents, (b) their understanding about the causes of these problems and (c) their recommendations on solutions to these perceived problems.

Mega City – Dhaka Essay Sample

The intent of the proposed study is to learn about life style of Dhaka city and what types of problems are facing the members of Dhaka city.

The area of proposed study is confined in education,climate, water management, culture,sports,transport,media and communications,accommodation,eating Out. A primate city is number one in its country in most aspects, like politics, economy, media, culture and universities.

Contents * 1 Significance * 2 Examples * 3 See also * 4 Notes| Significance Not all countries have primate cities, but in those that do, the rest of the country depends on it for cultural, economic, political, and major transportation needs.

Mega City – Dhaka Essay Sample Located on the banks of the Buriganga River lies Dhaka; the capital city of Bangladesh. This megacity is the 7th largest populous city in the world, with an estimated population of 15 million, according to. Traffic Jam in Dhaka City. Over the last few years the transportation problem of Dhaka City has visibly been deteriorating steadily.

Citizens constantly complain about the unbearable twin problems of traffic jam and air pollution. Below is an essay on "Traffic Congestion in Dhaka City and Some Proposal to Reduce the Problem" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Traffic Jam is one of the most irritating problems in Bangladesh.

Essay on problems of dhaka city
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