Essay on compassion fatigue

Included in this list are nurses or doctors in psychiatric units and emergency rooms. This is not good because patients Essay on compassion fatigue wants and they deserve for quality clinical care as well as warmth and compassionate care from their nurses.

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Exhaustion can also be a clear warning sign for multiple concepts of compassion fatigue. Notice and savor how good it feels to be compassionate. Physically a caregiver can begin to experiences sleeplessness, headaches, and change in appetite.

In his book, Stevenson has argued that the imagery provided by the media in reporting subjects such as famines, abuse to human rights, drought and other substantial precepts is an ideal process with which it fosters a relative contribution towards compassion fatigue.

During these times he came across a series of studies conducted by Zahava Solomon, et al. Set limits for personal life and work. This certification would then allow one to disseminate information and share his knowledge about compassion fatigue.

Rape victim advocates were also found to react to certain cues, such as environmental and individual cues. Can caused by co-workers, unhappy work environment, some times can be caused by increased demand from the upper management, also from high expectations from patients and family.

Thus, it appears that mere exposure to traumatic events could cause trauma to a health-care worker Collins and Long Figley explains that compassion fatigue is a secondary trauma because it results from the act of providing services to traumatized clients.

Cultivate compassion toward a loved one, yourself, a neutral person, and even an enemy. In major conditions disorientation can be found.

Compassion Fatigue Essay - Part 2

Self-care techniques will also be discussed in order to prevent compassion from impairing the work of these professionals.

It is common for these people to experience nightmares, fearfulness, withdrawal, and numbed feelings Clark and Gioro The glamorous conclusion that is brought by Moeller in this context is the exact degree of responsiveness with which the media should have towards providing humanitarian aid compliments through enforced intrigues to the government.

Thus, she concludes that a lot of study still has to be made on the subject, with particular attention to the protection of nurses and other health-care providers Sabo Figley felt about war, soldiers, their families, and most especially, about doctors, nurses, and technicians who would work on these people when they are injured or hurt.

Warning Signs of nursing fatigue By being aware of the warning signs of compassion fatigue caregivers can take steps to prevent the symptoms from occurring. If a caregiver feels exhausted and drained at all times they are not only able to physically do their job to the full capacity but they also may not be able to emotionally be available for their patients.

The first step to do that is to strictly follow ethical standards.Compassion Fatigue in Pediatric Oncology Nurses Essay Words | 6 Pages. increased stress.

Compassion Fatigue

The high stress environment puts the nurses at an increased risk for compassion fatigue; so it is the responsibility of both the nurse, and the institution to be aware of the symptoms and to effectively manage the condition should it arise. Nursing is a difficult profession, and the emotional strain can be telling.

Those involved in direct care services are likely to suffer from compassion fatigue, or "burnout" as discussed in this sample essay. Compassion fatigue in nursing5/5(1). Compassion Fatigue addressed in depth.

Compassion fatigue is a label stuck to the caregiver who becomes victim to continued strain in meeting the needs of patients and families suffering from critical, traumatic, or end-of-life needs.

Compassion fatigue was a term first applied in ; it is described as a syndrome that occurs in nurses when caring for a patient facing life-altering or life-threatening changes resulting from an illness. Compassion Fatigue: Traumatic Stress Disorders Essay - Introduction/Summary Compassion fatigue is the combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual depletion associated with caring for patients in significant emotional pain and physical distress (Anewalt, ; Figley, ).

Compassion fatigue is defined as “The emotional residue or strains of exposure to working with those suffering from the consequences of traumatic events” (The American Institute of Stress, n.d.). Compassion fatigue occurs when healthcare workers, especially those who work with patients one-on.

Essay on compassion fatigue
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