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But the current rate of population growth seems to have outdone all the biological checks. Interesting Features of Population in India India occupies 2. It is more useful for the Population Explosion. The rapidly growing population has become a serious issue for India.

More population means smaller farms and that leads to a decline in productivity. With larger Population, there is a need for harmony and peace among nations. In this age of high prices, it is very difficult for large families to have a good standard of living.

Such a stagnant economy will lead to closing of factories and businesses and the outcome is joblessness and poverty. All these resulted in increased life expectancy, which helped the population to skyrocket. This is mainly due to lack of finances and opportunity.

Different welfare programmes should be started for the couples who cooperate with the government in this regard. Overpopulation has badly hampered the economic growth in the country.

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It is desirable that Govt. But its surely undesirable in the countries which are already facing the problem of over problem of over population. I consider that this was a huge reason for the increase in population of Britain, for the public were able to enjoy tasty foods that kept them healthy and less vulnerable to diseases.

The unemployed, having nothing to do and without an ensured living, are left frustrated and demoralize, losing their faith in life itself. They are unable to understand the harmful effects that overpopulation has.

Rather than words focus more on the emotions behind the word. People having smaller farms have no other choice but to mitigate in hope for better life. We go through vegetable, pulses, onion shortage almost every year.

The one of the reason described by these orthodox not to interfere in the work of creator. In Pakistan, the cultural and religious institutions consider family planning a very wrong deed. Sixthly, media should play its positive role to check the growth of this evil.

Despite my opinion in the above reason, during the industrial revolution, factories opened where children were forced to work for little pay.

Population Explosion: Problem, Reasons for Population growth, Solution, Essay

I love helping Aspirants. Pakistan inherited many chronic problems at the time of its inception. They cannot ignore or shelve the problem of Population Explosion. Along with it, the rapid growth in population can be attributes to the custom of early marriages in our society.

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Short Paragraph on Population Explosion

Overpopulation has badly hampered the economic growth in the country. Secondly, early marriages should be discouraged. Unemployment Rising population in India is causing the huge unemployment in Indianot enough jobs are getting create compared to population growth.

It has crossed the six billion mark. India, caught in the morass of her age-old poverty, finds herself in the midst of a population explosion. Problems like illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, corruption, lawlessness, political instability, poor infrastructure etc.

Therefore, the lack of recreational activities force people to stay with their life partner. But no efforts have been made to control the high birth rate. The poor in India are ignorant and superstitious, and so they do not see the advantages Essay of population explosion planned family.

If this state of affairs continues, it will result in general unrest and political revolution. The population of India is 2nd highest in the world with almost 1.Population explosion- A problem to our economy the rate of increase in population. Our economic progress goes a waste because of populatation explosion.

Reason for our population growth. The government programmes to solve it. What we should do to make this plan a success. conclusion. Mar 15,  · Essay on Population Explosion Growth in India Earth has formed billion years ago and the beginning of the existence of life in the form of microorganisms is /5(4).

Short Paragraph on Population Explosion. Category: Blog On November 17, A population explosion is when a certain population grows drastically in size.

Often the implication is that the population has grown too much. Essay on Population Growth: Its effects and solution. In conclusion, after studying the 11 reasons most commonly thought of as the triggering of the population explosion, I believe that although they all have key facts supporting them, the main reason for causing the population explosion was the improvement of hygiene and health; germs would have been the main reason for deaths of less births before the growth in population and preventing those germs spurred.

Mar 15,  · Essay on Population Explosion Growth in India Earth has formed billion years ago and the beginning of the existence of life in the form of microorganisms is approximated about billion years ago/5(4). Nov 18,  · 2. Essay on Population Explosion The babyboomer explosion - Words “Silver Tsunami”, term created by Suzanne Goldberg () (cited by Poole, pg.

) is used to describe the upcoming demographic increase in the population .

Essay of population explosion
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