Essay about hiv/aids in africa

The supervisors were obligated by company practice to report matters involving employee attendance to u pline supervisors who in turn would report incidences to the human resource department.

CULTURAL In many cultures women are the most vulnerable, exploited and are expected to be submissive and are ascribed to a subordinate role in the sexual sphere.

Concurrent partnerships are powerful transmitters of HIV in the community [ 57 ]. Doctors only start certain drug treatments at a certain stage of virus progression. Some of these diseases are: People are being encouraged to be tested, use condoms and to alter their sexual behaviours. Communities and individuals with greater school education may be at decreased risk of HIV infection due to the adoption of protective lifestyles and behaviour [ 98 ].

None of these are easy tasks to accomplish without offending someone. If such steps are taken that other states will make out their custodies to assist medicate HIV victims in Africa, the consequences may demo in more topographic points that South Africa.

HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: Research roundup

The difference in the numbers is based on several factors. However, this practice could be as high as forty per cent in female sex workers [ 59 ]. Biological risk factors Women are at a greater physiological risk of contracting HIV than men. Women continue to bear the brunt Essay about hiv/aids in africa the epidemic with young women infected almost ten years earlier compared to their male counterparts.

Transactional sex sex for money is common in SSA. Providing a solution to the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Africa is a long-term task that needs efforts not only from the country itself, but from the international community as well.

Cash transfers among secondary school-aged young women in Malawi showed that such transfers can encourage women to reduce their risky sexual behaviour, and resulted in decreased teenage pregnancy, in addition to lower self-reported sexual activity [ 33 ].

Kenyan peer educators were able to increase protected sex among sex workers by providing condoms; facilitating HIV testing, treatment and care facilities and providing STI and HIV education [ 90 ].

However, these programs have shown only a moderate improvement of behavioral outcomes, with no significant effect on biological outcomes [ 89 ]. A new strategy to understand how HIV infects women: Health-care settings often refuse to provide information or provide the wrong information on HIV prevention and treatment, sexual and reproductive health, and family planning [ 33 ].

Many rural families when they become sick or when they abandon their land, the land becomes degradable and unproductive.

HIV and AIDS in the Black Community Essay Sample

The effects of injectable hormonal contraceptives on HIV seroconversion and on sexually transmitted infections. One strange fact was that all the men infected were homosexuals, many of whom had contracted other sexually transmission infections like syphilis and gonorrhea.

Theology, Culture, and HIV/AIDS in Africa

Therefore migration and commercial sex work are two activities closely associated with risk for HIV infection, two issues that require closer elaboration as they often form central options in the multiple livelihood strategies developed by rural households.

Studies from South Africa and Kenya suggest sex workers engage in high risk behavior such as dry sex [ 4647 ] and anal sex fetching a high price which further increase their risk.

Poverty created by war, civil unrest, social disruption and refugees [2]. These examples prove that there were other employees in the department and thus the supervisors had to see that their rights were upheld, also.

The vulnerability of truck drivers who frequent sex workers while transporting goods between countries has been well documented SAMP, Little discretion dealing with employees: Upon returning to work from an extended leave the employees contacted their immediate supervisor who then contact the company regarding such matters.

Hiv /Aids Epidemic Essay

Microbicides were initially developed for vaginal application but are now also tested for rectal application [ 77 ].

Increased levels of oestrogen are also associated with cervical ectopy in young women which in turn increases risk to HIV infection [ 29 ]. Migration trends in Africa vary in terms of their spatial, temporal and social characteristics.

A manager is a person with an assigned responsibility who has been given the authority and power to accomplish an assigned task and who is accountable for getting it done. In Malawi, girls receiving cash transfers had a lower prevalence of HIV and HSV-2 than those who were not because of less sexual activity, delayed sexual debut, having younger and fewer partners and decreased transactional sex [ 88 ].Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a killer disease caused by the human immune deficiency virus (HIV) which affects one’s immune system making them susceptible to opportunistic diseases that they succumb to.

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Hiv/Aids in Africa Essay Sub-Saharan Africa is the region of the world that is most affected by HIV/ AIDS. The United Nations reports that an estimated million people are living with HIV and that approximately million new infections occurred in Collaboration between TB and HIV services helps save lives, UNAIDS, March 24, People talk of AIDS in Africa, but Africa is a diverse continent, and different regions have been attempting to tackle AIDS in different ways, some with positive effect, while others seemingly making little progress.

Special signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDS in women: 3 5. Vulnerability of women to AIDS: 3 6. The challenges that HIV/AIDS infected women faced: 4 7. Transmission of HIV to women: 5 8.

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Global distribution of HIV/AIDS among women: 5 9. The impact of HIV on women: 7 Prevention: 9 Hiv aids in africa research paper.

Deleuzian film analysis essay chinese exclusion act essay help big words and meanings for essays essay on the movie the day after tomorrow sliq essays reviews commentary essay thesis creator sunit das research paper. Education is the key to our future essay. This background paper intends to highlight argumentative essay on the hiv pandemic in south africa key issues surrounding essay underline title the impact of HIV/AIDS on land, particularly at the rural household level in Southern and Eastern.

Essay about hiv/aids in africa
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