Emerging standards care essay

To prevent these complex issues of competent care, the organization must adhere to the standards to ensure the maximum of quality of care is delivered by the nurses and physicians.

Cultural care encompasses more than just being able to communicate with the patient and family. Considering the large amount of Hispanic or Latino and Asian populations, language barriers are a great concern.

Also, spirituality plays a major role with the decision making of hospice care for both populations. To prevent these complex issues of competent care, the organization must adhere to the standards to ensure the maximum of quality of care is delivered by the nurses and physicians.

Emerging Standards of Care Paper Essay Sample

With the population becoming more diverse, it is important to provide multicultural education beginning in nursing schools. There is a need for organizations to provided resources that can better educate on hospice services and benefits.

Nurses need to utilize these databases more than they do now for patients who do not speak English fluently. There are about 6. The standards of cultural competence is critical for an organization to provide culturally competent care.

For example, patient and families may pray to a higher power for a healing miracle rather than accepting terminally illnesses Yancu et al, Indeed, the impact of culturally competent is an importance in healthcare with the expansion of a diverse population.

Gwinnett Medical Center also employs physicians that are fluent in Spanish and Korean. Although nurses do not initially know if a patient has health care coverage or not, after admission, that information is available from the case manager. Exploring uncertainty in advance care planning in African Americans: All patients and families are treated equally, regardless of their socioeconomic status, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or background.

Does low health literacy influence decision making preference at end of life. Critical reflection is also an area that needs improvement in the acute care setting.

References Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Cultural competency is a continuous learning experience that grows as the population grows and different cultural beliefs enter the community. Social justice guides clinical decision making by nurses in regards to patients and families.

As a resultthe nurse will have to acknowledge and be opened minded that this is how the family wants to coordinate the plan of care. With cupping, marks are visible on the body from placing heated cups on the trunk area.Read this essay on Emerging Standards of Care.

Emerging Standards of Care

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at ltgov2018.com". Emerging Standards of Care Essay Emerging Standards of Care Paper An increase in health disparities among minorities is a growing problem in the United States and is due to the poor quality and accessibility of health care services provided to these individuals.

In the intensive care. Emerging Standards of Care Paper Introduction The healthcare delivery system of various organizations in the United States has been highly receptive in response. Excerpt from Essay: Standards of Care/Mental Health/Cultural Competence EMERGING STANDARDS OF CARE/MENTAL HEALTH/CULTURAL Sometime inthe Surgeon General released Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General.

Emerging Standards of Care Paper Essay Sample. The population of diversity continues to grow rapidly and the importance of cultural competence plays a major role in healthcare. Emerging Standards of Care NUR Emerging Standards of Care The impact of the varying demographics and the emergent multicultural humanity emphasizes the significance of cultural competence for the provision of quality care in this diverse society.

Emerging standards care essay
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