Causes of road accident in kelantan malaysia essay

When driver speeding, they had to risk their lives when had to alert about what condition will they face. There is a relationship between fatigue towards road accidents H3: If an accident were to involve an airplane or buses — both with greater passenger densities — more lives will be affected or lost.

The job of the survey is to compare the relationship between the figure of registered vehicles and rate of route accident.

Causes of Road Accidents in Malaysia Essay

All drivers should drive with perfect car condition. The problem of this study is to compare rate of fatality and injury rates in Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan The table above shows the rate of accidents in different type of road in Kelantan.

They have their own personal reasons and destinations. How do these effects the route traffic accidents will be the chief focal point of this research. This is because most of the roads are not straight.

The job of this survey is to compare rate of human death and hurt rates in Pengkalan Chepa. Road Safety Department JKJR director general Datuk Tam Weng Wah said while some may blame for lack of proper law enforcement, the hundreds of thousands of traffic summonses issued each year begs to differ.

Causes of road accident in Kelantan Malaysia Essay

Consequently, the number of road accidents has also noticeably increased in Malaysia in the past decade. The question is, who should be blamed for the increasing number of the road accident? Thus they will become selfish and does not care about their safety.

In order to organize the human ecology background of this survey. Kelantan is one of the province in footings of holding higher Numberss of route accidents taking to a comparatively high figure of human deaths and hurts.

Thus, accidents frequently occur in congested traffic. So that, the vehicle will able to run smoothly on the road. In most cases, if Kelantan to come out with the world on the land so that ; 1.

Fatigue has a negative effect on the driving skill and road safety. If nobody die or injure in the collision, both parties have to spend their money to repair their vehicles. Because of the road accidents many people have lose their family member or close friend.

This is likely to be an underestimation. After doing some research and reading, I can simplify that there are some causes that contribute to the road accident.

The driver should inspect the condition of lamp, signal light and tyre regularly. For weariness the dependability for it is 0. The state is burdened with more than ten billion ringgit of losingss due to traffic accidents every twelvemonth.According to LegalMatch (n.d), they agree that driver behavior is one of the causes of road accident, and they also claim that there are 98% of road accidents happen because of the distracted driver.

There are many types of driver behavior that will cause road accident and most of the driver would not realize that those actions are dangerous while driving.

Pengkalan Chepa was found to hold accident. human death and hurt rates that are well somewhat higher than those of other province in Malaysia. Problem Statement. The job of this survey is to find the prima causes of route accident in Pengkalan Chepa.

Kelantan. Road safety is a primary concern and end of main road and traffic applied scientists worldwide. The route web in Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan exhibits comparatively high traffic volumes peculiarly in.

5 common causes of road accidents in Malaysia POSTED BY Adela Megan Willy ON 29 July IMAGINE this, you are rushing to fetch your child from school, decide to swerve through the heavy traffic and end up getting hit by another vehicle.

Apr 26,  · They cause financial problems and even also they can cause deaths of the people. Of course, there are many causes that result with the accidents.

Review of Global Menace of Road Accidents with Special Reference to Malaysia- A Social Perspective

These can be about the faults of drivers that is, violation of the rules, they can be about road factors and also as a result of lack of knowledge. The Causes Of Road Accidents In Malaysia Time to time, half a million of Malaysians died because of road accidents and the highest cases of road accidents are caused by the drivers’ behaviour, equipment failure and the road conditions and infrastructure.

Causes of road accident in kelantan malaysia essay
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